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Colorado Concierge offers property management services that specializes in providing first rate services for homes in Durango, Colorado. We aim to make property upkeep, routine care, and maintenance tasks hassle-free for homeowners, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life without worrying about the day-to-day management of your property.

By choosing Colorado Concierge’s home concierge services, homeowners can leave town with peace of mind, knowing that their home is being taken care of by a professional team of experts. The team will handle tasks such as landscaping, snow removal, and routine home maintenance, ensuring that the property remains in excellent condition.

In addition to property maintenance, Colorado Concierge also offers home staging, grocery services, and vehicle maintenance. This means that when homeowners return to their Durango property, they can expect it to be beautifully staged, groceries stocked, and their vehicles to be in top-notch condition.

Overall, Colorado Concierge’s home concierge services provide homeowners with a worry-free way to manage their Durango property. Whether they are in town or away, they can trust that their property is being looked after by  professionals who have their best interests and investments at heart.




Home Cleaning Services

Having a clean home is an important first impression for most. Our custom approach to each home allows us the ability to ensure that all of your housekeeping needs are met.  

Routine & Preventative Maintenance

Given the option, few of us would spend a Sunday on a ladder cleaning the gutters. But when your home is one of your biggest investments, maintenance is a must. Allow Colorado Concierge to take care of it all, so that you don’t have to. 


Property Repairs

There’s nothing like owning a home in the mountains – until something goes wrong. From frozen pipes to weather damage, anything can happen at any time. Allow Colorado Concierge to take care of it all, so you don’t have to.

Home Preparation

We’re ready for you and so is your home! Colorado Concierge will get everything in order for your arrival. Yes, we even provide concierge grocery shopping services! Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it all.



Home Closure

Was the house locked? Did we unplug the espresso machine? How are we going to get the sheets cleaned for our next visit? The “worry” list can grow into more than you have time for. Our closure concierge services will ensure that your vacation home is closed up with meticulous attention to every detail. Leave home with confidence. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Before you make it to town, Colorado Concierge will ensure that your vehicle has had all required maintenance and is ready for your arrival. Stress-free is a great way to be.




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