Durango, nestled within the San Juan Mountains, is a well-kept secret that those who have visited can attest to its hidden beauty. With a myriad of year-round recreational activities, breathtaking landscapes, an emphasis on healthy living, and a community of mountain aficionados, it is no wonder that Durango is an idyllic place to call home.

However, in spite of the town’s natural charm, the stresses of daily life can often detract from the splendor of living in this mountain paradise. Keeping up with the upkeep of one’s home, running errands, grocery shopping, and scheduling appointments can easily monopolize one’s time and energy.

By entrusting Colorado Concierge’s lifestyle management services, you can reclaim your precious time and focus on what truly matters. Our team of professionals will handle your chores, errands, and appointments with utmost care and precision, leaving you free to fully enjoy the treasures of Durango.




Wellness & Relaxation

Durango is home to some of the best hot springs and spas that Colorado has to offer. If you’re looking for a full day to treat yourself or an in-home massage to start your vacation, we’re here to make that happen.


Event Planning

From weddings to birthdays and family reunions, Durango is a great place for events. But, planning anything in a town that you’re not familiar with can be difficult. That’s where we come in. We’ll help with all of the details, so you can enjoy a stress-free event.

Booking & Scheduling

Let us fill your calendar with unique days in Durango. This town has so much to offer—from music festivals to a historic train ride to whitewater rafting. Take out the guessing and leave the planning to us.



The “To-Do” List

The tasks that need to be completed to enjoy your time on vacation can be daunting. Colorado Concierge will take care of getting all of your groceries, running all of your errands, and getting everything ready for you so that you can arrive and spend your time enjoying what Durango has to offer. 


Getting to and from the airport, around town, or up to the mountain can be a breeze if you plan it right. Colorado Concierge can pick you up from the airport or have your car waiting for you. Whether you’re coming or going, we’ll make sure you get there in style.




Mail Management Service

Mail pickup and delivery can save you a lot of time. Allow Colorado Concierge to collect your mail or pick up your packages, so everything is waiting for you when you arrive.

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